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What Our Customers Are Saying

    *** I wanted to let you know that we've been awarded the contract we were working on, thanks in part to the presentation book you produced. Our client has secured an additional $2.5 MM in annualized billings. Please extend my thanks to Barry, Morgan, James and all the staff who worked on this project. My thanks to all.

    ***We just got our promotion postcards – they look so great!

    Just wanted to say thank you – the postcards are really beautiful and a great way to start out our marketing…as always, Don’s excellent printing service = Happy folks at here! J Thank you!
    Ad Agency

    *** I’ve been in a rush (just like you probably;-) ) and have neglected to say how much I appreciate what a great job ...Ussery did .. on the printing. We should be coming back with business cards and stationery before too long.

    It’s wonderful knowing I can count on you to deliver such a professional and on-time service.

    Thanks again,
    Marketing Agency

    *** Thanks very much for the wonderful job you did on the ... booklet. I haven't seen it yet, but my boss tells me it's fabulous and she loves it. I very much appreciate you stewarding this through and helping .... with text changes while I was out.

    This is why I always come to you. It's a load off my mind knowing that the job will be done the best it can be.

    Thanks again,
    Funding Campaign

    *** Thank you so much to your team for catching that error. I appreciate a group that will question something that looks strange - even after we have approved it! You guys are awesome!
    L.A. - North Texas Non-Profit Organization

    *** Thanks Ussery! I appreciate your help throughout the process and will continue to come to you with my printing needs. You rock!
    N.F. - Hi-Tech Company

    *** I wanted to let you, and your staff members, know that I believe the 2008 Convention Issue of the ... Magazine is the best I have ever seen!

    I applaud your efforts and commend you on a job well done.
    C.S. - National Trade Association

    *** I wanted to thank you for everything you did on my last job. You went above and beyond the "call of duty". You did a fantastic job and I know how easily a job like that can get messed up if someone is watching every step like you did. However, I didn't realize that you were actually going to be doing the fulfillment yourself!! And honestly when I found out you were that took a huge amount of stress off of me because I knew everything was going to be OK. I really appreciate it and I hope you know how much I appreciate everything you do for us.
    S.B. - Marketing & Communication Firm

    *** I have just received the project. It was so... fast and it still smells like ink!!! :D
    I very much appreciate your wonderful work and helping us out in this RUSHED situation.
    Thank you very much.
    T.S. - Fortune 500 Company

    *** You are not only professionals but you are FUN to work with!
    S.T. - Non-Profit Organization

    *** Thank you for making the suggestions that saved so much cost on this job. No other printers we contacted took the time to help us save money.
    C.R. - Marketing Agency

    *** Thank you so much for the terrific job you did on our 2008 projects. We never make it easy by missing our deadlines, then pushing you to turn out the product so quickly. But with your organization, you were able to meet all our expectations.
    E.S. - Catalog Company

    *** Many thanks for the work you did on the programs and posters. The finished product is beautiful!
    D.K. - Investment Firm

    *** Just a quick note to say 'THANK YOU' for all that you do. This challenge was met with many hurdles and required patience and resilience. You were magnificent and I sincerely appreciated the effort your company made to provide us with service above and beyond the call of duty. I look forward to working with you again.
    R.H. - Retail Food Supplier